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Thank you for your interest in understanding what the Kachin Strong Foundation is all about. We formed this non-profit to honor Tricia Kachin who was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma back in May, 2010 after she was in an accident.  She broke her clavicle and when an x-ray was done to assess the damage, the doctors noticed white spots on her lungs.  For 3 1/2 years, Tricia exhausted every single chemotherapy regimen available for Hogkin's Lymphoma.  She courageously underwent countless lung biopsies, Pet Scans, and a stem cell extraction.  She continued her fight by undergoing 2 experimental treatments in which she traveled to St. Louis, Huston, and New York. On July 12, 2013, Tricia lost her long arduous battle with this terrible disease.  Before her ventilator was removed, she wrote to her family "We are Kachin.  We are Kachin Strong"  which has become our vision for the Kachin Strong Foundation.  Before her passing, Tricia had received some treatment at Michigan Medicine(UofM Hospital).  She then moved to Grand Rapids.  Her family stood by her every step of the way and witnessed firsthand the horrors of this disease.  Many of us felt if she had stayed at Michigan Medicine, she she may have had a better chance.  This is why the Kachin Strong Foundation has decided that the funds will benefit the Rogel Cancer Center at Michigan Medicine.  Our hope is to do something to create awareness about this disease in Tricia's memory.  Tricia was a cosmetologist. The Kachin Strong Foundation has donated funds to the wig bank program.  We thought it was a great way to honor her. But, it is not possible without generous donors like you!


We pledge relentless positive action to ensure that Tricia's memory lives on forever.  Our vow to you, Tricia, is that your passing will not be in vain!